Registered Massage Therapy

Massage Therapy Vancouver

Vancouver Registered Massage therapy is the manipulation of the soft tissues of the body to promote health, to rehabilitate, to relax, to prevent dysfunction, or to relieve pain. This direct, hands-on treatment has a therapeutic effect on the neuromuscular, circulatory and hormonal systems of the body.

Applying their knowledge of anatomy and physiology, Vancouver massage therapists use a variety of modern and well-established massage techniques, as well as remedial exercise, hydrotherapy (use of heat or cold) and others to treat their clients.

A massage therapist will develop a personal treatment plan based on the client’s individual case history and physical assessment. Before beginning treatment, the massage therapist will explain the treatment plan in order to obtain the client’s consent to begin treatment. Massage will be within the client’s comfort level and clients can request changes or withdraw consent at any time.

Massage therapists maintain respect for privacy. All information is kept strictly confidential unless required to be released by law or for medical reasons, with your consent.

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