Improving Performance with your Chiropractor

Dr. T. Marshall, D.C.Dr. B. Jacobs, D.C.
December 14, 2020

Watching intensely as Barry Bonds breaks the home run record or watching team Canada win the gold medal in hockey at the Olympics in Salt Lake City, we are amazed at these physical achievements.  What we don’t see is the multi-disciplinary group of practitioners behind the scenes helping these individuals achieve their goals.  Doctors of Chiropractic have been on the sidelines of sporting events and behind the scenes to help train and maintain the performance of world-class athletes for years.  They utilize chiropractic to help their body’s function at optimum performance levels, to avoid injuries as well as to improve recovery times when injuries occur.  This is achieved by addressing biomechanical stressors that often get overlooked until they lead to problems.

Talking about a top end athlete is all glitz and glamour but what about the general population and using chiropractic services?  Absolutely.  People generally assume the only time to see a chiropractor is after an injury, but there are many other reasons as well.  Examinations can be conducted by a chiropractor to review the individual’s body structure and function.  This examine includes a medical history, physical examination, an orthopedic and neurological exam, and gait analysis.  The results of an exam will identify strengths and weaknesses in an individual’s biomechanics, conditioning, and muscle symmetry that can have adverse affects during work or play.  Based on this information, the doctor and patient work together to design a program to correct deficiencies found in the examination, leading to increased performance, avoidance of injuries and also the treatment of current injuries.

People who take active responsibility for their own health can avoid dependence on drugs and medications and live a more active and healthier lifestyle.  Chiropractic provides you with a real choice in health care.  It is a conservative, natural and holistic approach that often helps avoid drugs or surgery.  Chiropractic is not trying to replace drugs and surgery, as they to have their place in the healthcare realm, however, it does provide an individual with a conservative option prior to a more invasive procedure.  Whether its an ongoing problem, a new injury, or an interest in improving one’s overall health, take advantage of seeing a chiropractor today and you’ll soon discover why chiropractic has become the most widely used natural health profession in the world.

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Dr. T. Marshall, D.C.

Dr. B. Jacobs, D.C.