Injury Prevention: The Key to a More Consistent Golf Score

SMC Team
December 14, 2020

Many golf related injuries occur early in the season when our bodies are not physically
ready to return to the course. Most golfers lose a certain degree of strength, flexibility and
endurance after their final round of the year. Although most golfers are aware of this, the majority
chose not to address these issues before playing their first round of the year. This can lead to
injuries that can linger the entire season and make an already difficult game impossible.
There are many steps that one can take to minimize the likelihood of an early season

The first step is to ensure that at least a moderate level of cardiovascular health is attained. This
can be done through a variety of exercises that can be tailored to your interests. Walking is
perhaps the easiest and most convenient starting point for most golfers that have done minimal
exercise over the winter. One of the simplest way to determine if you are building cardiovascular
strength is to double your resting heart rate for thirty minutes. This should be done a minimum of
three times per week while increasing the exercise difficulty as your endurance improves.
Secondly, a flexibility program should be initiated to ensure full range of motion for all joints.
Flexibility is one of the most over looked aspects of the golf swing. It is crucial for the promotion
of proper swing biomechanics. A proper flexibility program should include both static ( stretches
that are held for a specific amount of time ) and dynamic ( movements that take the joint through
it’s normal range ) exercises. Flexibility exercises should be added at the end of your
cardiovascular program for maximum results.

The last step is to begin a core strength program. One doesn’t have to bench press 300 pounds
like Tiger Woods to be a good golfer but strong abdominal and low back muscles are critical to a
powerful and balanced golf swing. These types of exercises are easily mastered under the
advice of a great health team. Contrary to popular opinion, these exercises can be done in just
minutes each day. This can have a significant impact on your golf game.

For those of you that have already sustained an injury there are a variety of techniques that can
be employed to make sure you get back to playing your best in a timely fashion. The vast
majority of golf related injuries are musculoskeletal in nature and can be treated effectively and
safely with joint manipulation, soft tissue manipulation and other manual techniques aimed at
returning the injured tissues to their normal function.

Your Sumas Mountain Sport & Spine Team